Epistemy Press is pleased to announce the global release of Practical Analytics, 1st Edition by Nitin Kalé (USC) and Nancy Jones (SDSU).  Nancy and Nitin have worked for over 2 years to produce this groundbreaking text and we’re thrilled to congratulate them on such a wonderful accomplishment.

Practical Analytics, 1st Edition
• Comprehensive and self-contained overview of modern analytics concepts and tools
• Real-world skill building that reinforces fundamental concepts
• Theory, applications and hands-on experience using popular industry tools
• Key Topics: data provisioning, reporting & analysis, data visualization, knowledge discovery, prediction, decision making
• Real-World Tools: Microsoft Excel, SAP Business Objects, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Lumira, SAP Predictive Analytics and more
• eBook List Price: USD $50

For more information and to request a review copy, please see our newsletter here: https://madmimi.com/s/d02927

Epistemy Press is very excited that two new textbooks are launching for fall semester 2015.  We will be sending out full review copies and conducting online workshops for faculty in July.  We also have sample chapters ready today for faculty who want to see what an entire chapter of materials, including the exercises and slides will look like.

To request sample copies of either book, please click on the appropriate link below and fill out the form to receive the materials and add yourself to the email list for notification when the full materials are available this summer.



Practical Analytics




Business Process Configuration with SAP

We just wanted to let you know that the 5th Edition of SAP HANA Essentials is now ready for download. We’ve added new info on SP7 capabilities, two entirely new chapters on Big Data with SAP HANA and Data Modeling with SAP HANA, new hardware options and more resources to start your SAP HANA journey. Plus many updates to existing chapters with new information, videos, case studies and links.

Please visit www.saphanabook.com and use the download code 52F98A1C to get your free copy. Feel free to forward this email to colleagues who would also benefit from this updated knowledge of SAP HANA. Make sure to sign up for the newsletters to be informed when future book updates are available. More chapters coming this fall!

Epistemy Press


Are you interested in quickly and effectively training your staff on SAP?

Winshuttle and Epistemy Press have partnered to provide corporate SAP Training Administrators with a suite of tools for learning core SAP concepts.

In this training, we use GBI, a fictitious company represented in the SAP ERP system, to illustrate all of the core concepts of SAP ERP in a “real” corporate environment. The GBI system has all of the capabilities of a productive SAP ERP system, but it is simplified to focus on conceptual understanding rather than task mastery. Each concept is explained clearly from a business perspective in the supplementary eBook and curriculum materials from Epistemy Press.

Winshuttle, in conjunction with Epistemy Press, has developed suite of templates designed to easily set up your GBI – SAP training instance.  All that is required is a copy of Winshuttle Studio.

By combining a live SAP ERP training system that is simple to set up with Winshuttle and an end-to-end eLearning curriculum, your company can rapidly and easily train thousands of your employees to get the maximum value out of your SAP investment.

Epistemy Press has been working closely with the SAP University Alliances to develop a fully integrated portfolio of conceptual and practical content, along with a set of SAP configuration tools using Winshuttle that implements a fully operational SAP ERP environment for hands-on application of the course concepts.



Epistemy Press is very excited to announce the publication of our newest book, Innovation Management Framework, by Marco Cigaina.

The Innovation Management Framework presented in this book articulates innovation management as a structured and consistent set of concepts and practices, and focuses on their concrete applicability to the objective of enabling and fostering innovation in established companies. The contents are intended primarily for innovation managers and for all other business executives who strive to make their companies more innovative. They are also valuable, however, for any reader who wants to learn how to manage innovation within an enterprise context.

The book is normally $29.99 on our website, but as a special offer for the launch, we’re offering it for $19.99 until the end of February.  Just go to the Epistemy Press store and use the IMFLAUNCH discount code when you check out to get the book.

Happy Reading!

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