Innovation Management Framework



Innovation Management Framework: Enabling and Fostering Innovation in Your Company

In today’s business world the term innovation has become ubiquitous, and businesses are under unprecedented pressures to be innovative. Nevertheless, true innovation is difficult to achieve because it is multifaceted and requires a variety of enterprise components to interact effectively.

The Innovation Management Framework presented in this book articulates innovation management as a structured and consistent set of concepts and practices, and focuses on their concrete applicability to the objective of enabling and fostering innovation in established companies. The contents are intended primarily for innovation managers and for all other business executives who strive to make their companies more innovative. They are also valuable, however, for any reader who wants to learn how to manage innovation within an enterprise context.


1. Introduction and Overview

2. Innovation Taxonomy

3. Innovation Management Framework

4. Enterprise and Strategy

5. Innovation Processes and Methodologies

6. People And Innovation Networks

7. Innovation Orchestration and Governance

8. Conclusion: Execution Model for Innovation Management