Here are the links to the embedded demos in Business Process Integration with SAP ERP

Demo Number &  Description

Demo 2.1 Review Material Types
Demo 2.2 Review Material Master Data
Demo 2.3 Review Purchase Order
Demo 2.4  Review a Work List
Demo 2.5  Review an Online List
Demo 2.6 Review ERP Reports
Demo 3.1  Review Chart of Accounts 
Demo 3.2  Review General Ledger Accounts
Demo 3.3 Review an FI Document
Demo 3.4 Post General Ledger Entries
Demo 3.5 Compare Reconciliation and Non-Reconciliation AP Accounts
Demo 3.6 Compare Reconciliation and Non-Reconciliation AR Accounts
Demo 3.7 Review Asset Classes and Asset-Related Accounts
Demo 3.8 Acquire an Asset
Demo 3.9 Depreciate an Asset
Demo 3.10 Review Account Information
Demo 3.11 Review Asset Explorer
Demo 3.12 Generate Financial Statements
Demo 4.1 Review Material Master
Demo 4.2 Review Vendor Master
Demo 4.3 Review Purchasing Info Record and Conditions
Demo 4.4 Review Item Categories
Demo 4.5 Review Material Document
Demo 4.6 Review Goods Movements and Movement Types
Demo 4.7 Create Purchase Requisition
Demo 4.8 Convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order
Demo 4.9 Receive Goods against a Purchase Order
Demo 4.10 Receive and Verify Invoice
Demo 4.11 Make Payment to Vendor
Demo 4.12 Display List Report
Demo 4.13 Display a Report Using the Purchasing Information Systems
Demo 5.1 Review Material Master
Demo 5.2 Review Customer Master
Demo 5.3 Review Customer Material Info Record
Demo 5.4 Review Pricing Conditions
Demo 5.5 Create Quotation
Demo 5.6 Create Sales Order
Demo 5.7 Process Shipment for Sales Order
Demo 5.8 Process Billing for a Sales Order
Demo 5.9 Process Payment for Sales Order
Demo 5.10 Display Document Flow
Demo 5.11 Display Work List
Demo 5.12 Review Online List
Demo 6.1 Review BOM for Bike and Wheel Assembly
Demo 6.2 Review Work Center Data
Demo 6.3 Review Routing for Bike and Wheel Assembly
Demo 6.4 Create Planned Order
Demo 6.5 Create Production Order
Demo 6.6 Goods Issue to Production Order
Demo 6.7 Confirm Production
Demo 6.8 Goods Receipt from Production Order
Demo 6.9 Stock Requirements List
Demo 7.1 One Step Plant-to-Plant Stock Transfer
Demo 7.2 Stock Transport Order without Delivery
Demo 7.3 Stock Transport Order with Delivery
Demo 7.4 Review WM view of Material Master
Demo 7.5 Review Storage Bins and Display Stock in Storage Bins
Demo 7.6 Procurement Process with Warehouse Movements
Demo 7.7 Fulfillment Process with Warehouse Movements
Demo 7.8 Internal Warehouse Transfer
Demo 7.10 Bin Status Report
Demo 8.1 Review MRP and Scheduling
Demo 8.2 Review Product Group
Demo 8.3 Create a Production Plan in SOP
Demo 8.4 Disaggregate Production Plan
Demo 8.5 Run MRP
Demo 9.1 Review Financials and Inventory (Trading Goods Scenario)
Demo 9.2 Create Two Customer Orders (Trading Goods Scenario)
Demo 9.3 Create Requisitions and POs
Demo 9.4 Internal Procurement
Demo 9.5 External Procurement
Demo 9.6 WM Steps
Demo 9.7 Create Delivery
Demo 9.8 WM Processes for Delivery
Demo 9.9 Complete Fulfillment
Demo 9.10 Review Financials and Inventory (Manufactured Goods Scenario)
Demo 9.11 Create Sales Order (Manufactured Goods Scenenario)
Demo 9.12 Create STO
Demo 9.13 Create Planned Order
Demo 9.14 Procurement Process
Demo 9.15 Complete Production
Demo 9.16 Complete STO
Demo 9.17 Complete WM Steps
Demo 9.18 Create Outbound Delivery
Demo 9.19 WM Steps
Demo 9.20 Complete Fulfillment