Business Process Configuration with SAP ERP




Simha R. Magal, Grand Valley State University, Raymond Boykin, Virginia State University

Bipin Prabhakar, Indiana University, Mary Beth Goodrich, The University of Texas at Dallas

Overview: This book will give students an understanding of the complexities and difficulties associated with configuring a major Enterprise System to meet the Business Process needs of an enterprise.  It will make clear the kinds of business process-related decisions that must be made and the data that must be established in such a system to make it function as desired.  In addition, this book will give students a feel for the variety of configuration options possible in an Enterprise System.  It will also familiarize students with the mechanics of SAP configuration.  As a side effect of working through the step by step configuration provided in the book, it will provide ample opportunities to develop and exercise troubleshooting and problem solving skills.

The book will cover the essential concepts, principles, and techniques of configuring an ERP System.  In addition, the focus will be on configuring end-to-end business process (e.g. procurement and fulfillment) rather than individual modules.

Audience:  This book is intended for students seeking careers in implementing ERP systems.  It is well suited for both graduate and undergraduate students in business, MIS, IT at universities that are part of the SAP University Alliances program.


  • An introductory course in information technology covering information systems, internet, technology enabled business, spreadsheets, databases, digital representation of data, basics of hardware and software, and business processes.
  • A understanding of cross-functional business processes and proficiency in the use of SAP ERP.

Launch Date:  Summer 2016


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