“We deliver electrons, not atoms”

Company Background:
Epistemy Press enables the rapid production and digital delivery of knowledge to professional and academic audiences.  Using our deep experience in the traditional publishing world and our expertise in digital business tools, Epistemy Press brings high-value, easy-to-consume digital content to global audiences.

Epistemy Press was started in 2012 by two traditionally-published non-fiction authors in order to take advantage of the paradigm shift in the publishing industry and capitalize on their experiences in shepherding ideas from the whiteboard to readers.  The two founders of Epistemy Press have traditionally published four books over a ten-year timespan: Two trade books and two university textbooks.  Combined, they have over a half million books in print and have broken multiple sales records in both genres.

About the Founders:

Simha R. Magal, Ph.D. 

Jeffrey Word, Ph.D.

About the Company Name:

Epistemy is derived from the Greek root Episteme for knowledge.

About our Partners