SAP Mentor Interviews- Explaining the SAP career world

We’ve finally gotting around to processing and posting the video interviews with SAP Mentors that Simha conducted over the various Sapphire and TechEd events in 2012.

SAP Mentors have deep expertise in a lot of different areas and we’ve tried to capture their perspectives on these areas and the careers they lead to in the SAP world.

We were able to conduct six interviews during Sapphire and TechEd in 2012 – mentors are very busy during these events, and finding time to do these is a challenge! We really appreciate them taking the time to share their insights.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Thorsten Franz explains why being in the technology industry is so exciting.
Susan Keohan discusses the use of business workflows in organizations.
Sascha Wenninger discusses the importance of systems integration and the skills needed to be an effective integrator.
Prashanth Padmanabhan explains talent management applications delivered by Success Factors.
Michael Koch explains the role of a solution architect and custom development using ABAP and other technologies.
Josh Fletcher discusses the use of business intelligence to make better decision making.