Online S/4HANA Curriculum Launch

In order to help instructors and students adapt to the new online teaching reality, Epistemy Press has just released our entirely online course for Intro to Enterprise Systems, now updated for SAP S/4HANA.

The authors have been working for the past two years to update the Intro course with all the new S/4HANA content and deliver all the lectures and core concepts via professionally produced and narrated eLearning videos for self-paced, self-guided learning on a new Moodle-based MooC platform. In total, there are 82 elearning video lectures (over 10 hours) covering all the key concepts from the course. Simply assign students lessons from the online course like you’ve been assigning them readings from the ebook chapters and they can “watch” the content instead of NOT reading it 🙂

At this stage, the online content is only narrated video. We will be adding several advanced learning assets and platform integration capabilities on a rolling basis each semester. You can continue to deliver other course assets (e.g, quizzes, exams, hands-on exercises) via your school’s LMS system and UCC S/4 client. Request Updated Teaching Assets

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If your school requires that students purchase course access from the university bookstore or if other requirements prevent students from purchasing the course directly from Epistemy Press, please have your bookstore review the bulk purchasing process here:

▪Business Process Integration with SAP S/4HANA (online course access code)
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▪Publication Date: June 1st, 2020
▪ISBN: 9780997209235
▪Price: $50.00
**Replaces ISBN: 9780985600860
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